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weird ♥ turn ♥♥ ons

what's your fetish?

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this community is for those
freaksandweirdos who get turned on by
angelina jolie, animals, balls, bananas, barbies, bbq sauce, bdsm, blindfolds, bondage, boners, boobs, braces, breasts, brett middleton, britney spears, burger king, chains, cock, collars, condoms, cotton candy, cox, cum, cunt, dick, dildos, dry humping, fat boys, fat guys, fat kids, foreplay, gay boys, gay guys, gay men, gay porn, gay sex, grinding, handcuffs, leashes, lesbian sex, lesbians, licking, lube, making out, masturbation, midgets, onanism, pain, penis, perfume, popsicles, porno, precum, pussy, rock, s/m, sailor moon, sex, sharks, techno, the rabbit, threesomes, tight pants, tits, turkey basters, turn ons, vagina, vibrators, ♥
or anything else strange, out of the ordinary, or just plain hot. Anything that makes you horny. It can be people, places, things, times, or words. ANYTHING.
Post pictures, weird stories, lists, anything you want.
But there are
one rule to follow...
<3 You can advertise other communities, but don't spam post. I don't ever want to see 2 posts for the
same community no matter how long after the first one was posted.

Other than that-feel free to join and start posting! No fancy applications or anything-
just go ahead and start <3! However-it would be nice if you posted a little info ID that says your name, age, and your weirdest turn on. If I don't see this-I might just kick you out ;)

Your super hot mod

age: 14
weirdest turn on: braces!!! especially on boys <3
email: britenitelite@rainbowbrite.org

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